Bc Rental Agreement Pets

Under section 18 of the Residential Rent Act, homeowners may completely restrict pets or impose restrictions on the number, size or type of pets a tenant may have in their rental unit. If your landlord allows you to have a pet, it is important to include this term in your rental agreement. Don`t rely on verbal permission alone – make sure it`s written down. For more information, please see residential tenancy policy guide 28. The landlord and tenant must check the condition of the rental unit before the animal damage deposit is paid and the tenant receives a new pet. During the inspection, both parties must complete a state inspection report (PDF, 1.6MB). The report may be presented as evidence if there is a dispute over the state of the rental unit. Currently, the National Rent Act provides that a landlord may limit the size, type or number of pets – or simply not allow pets. They may also include appropriate pet rules in the rental agreement, and they may require a deposit for damage to pets. Hello me, when I moved into my building 3 years ago my owner said it was normal that we had a dog that he had driven 10lbs full house and very friendly. Today, when she came, she said that he was not in the contract and that we must get rid of him. He is 10 years old and we have had him all his life.

Can she move me male or get rid of him?? She has been here several times and she has never said anything about it. Thank you If the rental agreement states that pets are not allowed and the tenant receives a pet, two things could happen: here are some steps to take if you change your lease from the BC government website. Councillor Pete Fry, a member of the Green Party, told V.I.A. in a telephone interview that the decision is good for people who are struggling to find housing with their pets. He notes that other cities also recognize the importance of pet-friendly housing. We asked our Facebook community for suggestions on topics of interest to our blogs. Faye O. wanted to deal with pet rental rules in the province. We love to hear about our Facebook community and enjoy their entries, so on request, here`s some information about renting with pets in BC.

Before having a pet, tenants must decide with their landlord whether the pet clause in their lease should be negotiated or amended.