Bmo Mastercard Agreement

. The reload of the offer is calculated on the basis of the total eligible purchase transactions that collect basic miles from Shell during the offer period. The set of miles allocated in connection with the recharging offer is a combination of base miles allocated by Shell, base miles awarded by BMO, including all accelerator miles, and bid mileage load, which are equal to 5 times the base miles awarded by Shell. During the offer period for eligible Convenience Store transaction purchases, a maximum of 2,500 miles of reload per cardholder can be allocated. (f) To transfer non-BMO credit card account funds, register at the online bank or register with and do the following; Select your Mastercard account, then select Set up the balance transfer or set up the pre-authorized payment, then select credit card transfer and follow the instructions to complete the transfer. Note – Details, based on the calculation that 20% of expenses per month are made with partners participating in AIR MILES. D. Earn 1% cash back on periodic bill payments up to a maximum of $500 per bill cycle period. The 1% cash back includes the 0.5% cash back rate for card purchases („Base Rewards“) and the 0.5% cash back bonus for recurring bill payments („Bonus Bonus“). Recurring invoice payments are defined as monthly or regular payments and automatically billed by the merchant to your BMO CashBack Mastercard. Not all merchants offer recurring payments and not all current payments are considered „recurring bill payments“ and therefore cannot earn bonus bonuses.

Please check with your dealer to find out if your recurring payment is justified. In these Terms and Conditions, any credit transfer for a promotional interest rate of 1.99% is allowed, provided that any credit transfers to your BMO AIR MILES Mastercard account (the „Account „) are booked during the first 9 (nine) registration periods from the date of deposit („promotion period“) on your BMO AIR MILES Mastercard account (the „Account“). The offer is only available to new customers after account authorization for applications filed on November 1, 2018 or after November 1, 2018. Balances on other BMO credit card accounts cannot be transferred. The promotional price no longer applies to your account if you transfer to a card other than BMO AIR MILES Mastercard. Net transfers apply only to amounts in Canadian dollars. d) If your account has balances with different interest rates, you will have different interest rates, For example, purchases with a standard interest rate and transfers with a promotional interest rate, any payment above the minimum will be allocated in proportion to these balances according to the terms of the BMO Mastercard Card Holder agreement. Yes, for example. B you have a purchase balance of $800 at the standard interest rate and a balance of $200 at a promotional interest rate, 80% of your payment will be allocated to your purchase balance and 20% will be allocated to your balance.