Hacsu Agreement

We received a final notice this week from St. Giles on the replacement of the St Giles and Arc Support Services staff agreement, and by the end of the year it is expected that the project will be made available to all workers and a vote will take place shortly thereafter. We have only one problem with the proposed agreement, and that is the proposal that the afternoon workload should apply from 8 p.m. and not from 6 p.m. Normally, the next step would be to distribute the proposed 2020-2024 employment and midwifery contract to the workers concerned, and then vote to seek a majority in favour of the proposed agreement. The agreement would then have been the subject of an application for authorization from the Fair Work Commission and will become final seven days after that approval. In order to prevent these multiple procedures from further delaying the 2020-2024 employment contract, ANMF has reached an agreement with HSU to resolve the dispute with HACSU before a full bank of the Fair Work Commission. This must be done within the framework of a complete and final resolution of all issues. We launched our EBA public mental health campaign with the claim protocol now available! Learn more… This is consistent with the distinction and corresponds to NDIA/NDIS funding rates, but this is a change and could affect workers when their shift ends between 6 and 8 p.m.

We do not agree with the allocation regime and we think it should remain the same, so we are really looking forward to seeing anyone who thinks it will put it at a disadvantage. The negotiations that have taken place so far have led us to the following themes, which are included in the project at this stage: From the affirmation of the members: The creation of new roles can lead to replacing nurses with other psychiatric workers or to take responsibility for the work of others. It is essential that we are not infatuated with these discussions. It`s in our office in Carlton, Victoria. The successful candidate is responsible for assisting members in their applications by telephone and email, which also requires the interpretation of clauses in various enterprise agreements. The successful candidate must also support the support team from time to time, which may include some administrative tasks. You can read all the details of the changes (as discussed and approved at our April national meeting) on ebA Update 8 – anmfvic.asn.au/EBAupdate8 HACSU believes that through compensation and fair conditions for staff, mental health services, disability services and the drug and alcohol sectors, they will attract and retain the best workers and provide the best possible services. The work, which includes all the benefits achieved by ANMF members in negotiations on nurses and midwives in the public sector (but not in a public psychiatric ward), is expected to be completed within the week from 14 September 2020.