Insurance Brokers Terms Of Business Agreement

For those who wish to pay in increments, we usually only introduce premium Credit Limited customers. We may offer options to pay in installments with other financial service providers. We advise you if competitive credit conditions are available through your insurer. Otherwise, you have the option to get your own credit contract. Joseph W. Burley – Partners (UK) Ltd is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The authorization contains a number of trade names. Our financial services registry number is 300425. Our approved company is the introduction, advice, organization, agent activity and assistance in the management and execution of general insurance and credit contracts in terms of insurance rates. You can check our data and details of a „designated representative“ in the financial services register by visiting the ACF website, or contacting the ACF on 0800 111 6768. Our terms of payment are as follows (unless we have expressly agreed in writing): ` New policies: immediate payment at the time or before the start of the policy ` ` Changes to existing policies: immediate payment to or before the amendment comes into force ` ` Renewals: full before the renewal date If payment is not received by you under the above conditions, we or your insurer may be forced to terminate or change the corresponding policies, which could mean that some or all of the debt may not be paid.

You may also object to legal insurance coverage. If an extension is invited and the policy is paid by monthly debit, we will send you a notice. To ensure that you are not left without coverage, the lack of response to this communication is considered your consent to automatic coverage renewal. If you decide to pay your insurance premium through a financial services provider, your data will be sent to them. We will provide you with a breakdown of the costs of your monthly payments, then a document containing the main features of your loan agreement with you, it is important that you will have to take the time to read this document and contact us if you do not receive it. If you have any questions or questions, either about the service provided by the financial services provider or about its terms and conditions, you should first contact them. If your policy is paid for by the financial services provider and you choose to renew your coverage, we will continue to provide your data. If, by debit or other payment due for a credit contract that you take out for the payment of insurance premiums, it is not made when it is subject to payment or if you terminate the credit contract, we will be informed of these events by the financial services provider. In certain circumstances, we may be contractually required by the financial services provider to notify your insurer to terminate the policy. If we are not contractually required to do so by the financial services provider, If you do not make other agreements with us to pay insurance premiums, acknowledge and accept that we may, at any time after being informed of the default under the credit contract, order the insurer concerned to terminate the insurance and recover the reimbursement of premiums paid by the insurer and to use that refund to compensate the amount levied by the financial service provider. If this amount is not sufficient to cover all of our costs, we reserve the right to pursue additional debts to the company through due process.

You are responsible for paying risk charges at any time and taking out the insurance and/or alternative payment agreements you need. After receiving your strict agreement on the payment of insurance premiums by the financial services provider, we inform you to continue your credit application. This process includes searching by a credit reference agency`s public information provider about you and any previous payment hiss you have with that provider.