Microsoft Rds Agreement Number

If you are configured as „per user“ is not a way to track if you are configured as a device, you can know which server connected and licenses assigned numbers, etc. Please refer to your original purchase emails you received from your dealer. Did you really buy RDS CALs? If so, what volume licensing program did you purchase from? What is the number of the agreement? If you know that you purchased RDS-CALs for the agreement displayed in VLSC, you contacted VLSC support and/or your dealer to ask why the licenses are not displayed in VLSC? After launching a deployment in the cloud, you`ll receive a task to download the RDS license number. The next steps for the assistant will depend on the license program you have selected. In the case of the Enterprise Agreement, you must provide its number. If you`ve opted for the License Pack ,retail, enter the 25-digit product key you received from Microsoft. Enter your license number. The number is in the control panel and is a 7-digit number, z.B 1234567. For RDS-CALs purchased through the volume licensing program (which I recommend), you will choose your program and then enter your contract number, authorization number, license number.

These numbers are made available to you after the purchase and can be accessed in the Volume Quality Service Centre (VLSC). NOTE: It is very important to keep your original purchase emails, paperwork, contract numbers, license numbers, key retail codes, etc., in a safe place if you need to reinstall/migrate/restore licenses in the future. I received an internal investigation, although I am not convinced of why they want to know the details (which server). We have a cluster of two servers (active/backup) on which the authentication license is configured on the main servers and backup (WS2016). A group of users (z.B. 10) initiated sessions via remote locations for the cluster, but none of the servers displays license authentication (no license is displayed as 0 in the dashboard). But meetings/connections are above. The question is how to determine which server provides which authentication license number to which user, and how to view it (not sure that the authentication license manager can do so)? Initially, 50 licenses x 4 groups (a total of 200 licenses) were configured on main servers and backup servers. It could be confusing and difficult to understand the situation. I hope that a professional administrator can advise me and appreciate your early feedback.

Thank you. Enter the product version (Windows Server 2019/2016), the type of license (RDS by user CAL) and the number of licenses to install on the server.