Neu Collective Agreement Government Of Nunavut

Fennell said his conversations with government officials suggest sympathy for the employee position, but the GN said it was a decision of its medical health officer. For government employees: contact the 24-7 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) or your department coordinator, access care through the Public Health Plan (PSHP) or use national specialized organizational services (SOS). An agreement to ensure that no action is taken against a worker when his or her workplace benefit is suffering from domestic violence. To learn more about new government announcements and measures, visit: In case your collective agreement does not offer alternatives to sick leave, as noted above, and your employer refuses you paid leave, you are entitled to sick leave if you are in quarantine. You will find more information in your collective agreement. These charges are made in a motion filed by the union with the Nunavut Court of Justice on November 18. That is after government negotiators made mistakes in calculating how much money could be offered in salary increases and, in particular, increases for the Nunavut Northern allowance benefit. I know people who work for GN, they work 50-60 hours a week, but they pay 37.5 hours, they have a university degree and they had a wealth of experience before joining GN. Don`t you think they don`t deserve their wages? When was the last time you made a wage comparison between an GN position and an equivalent position elsewhere? I`m going to help you out a little bit. A team leader working for the federal government in IT (that would be a CS3 level) is paid from 84,000 to 104,000 euros, the same position in the GN pays from 90,000 to 108000.

Both positions require a bachelor`s degree. I`m sorry, I don`t think the difference is so big and unjustified. Many collective agreements contain provisions for family leave. Refer to your collective agreement to determine your rights. „Unfortunately, there is nothing in the collective agreement that would prohibit it, so, really, it`s just talking to politicians and trying to put them aside,“ he said. This union should be more concerned about the signing of the collective agreement, it is involved in the personal choices of people in the South. If you live and claim northern residence, then suck the butter! It`s no one`s choice if you force you to leave. GN should not pay for your 14-day stay at the hotel… they should only apply to essential services and medical patients. If you think it is absolutely essential that you have to go south to see your family from the south, then use your time saved as a collaborator, it is not essential that you have your vacation. As an employee of the GN union, stop wasting the money we pay you and drop this issue.

There is a global pandemic. No one should be travelling! To this end, the union is proposing rates like this, which will be included in the collective agreement: recently, the GN announced that GWGs and other government officials were exempt from the requirements of self-isolation. That`s right. Very well said that this whole trading platform is ridiculous and ridiculous… In Nunavut alone, where the government has an obligation to fund personal decisions. You should focus on the government, In this 2016 agreement, GN employees received wage increases of 2%, 1%, 1% and 2% each year from a four-year contract, with retroactive effect until October 2014. „The June proposal in question was presented on the condition that it falls within the financial mandate approved by the Government of Nunavut,“ the Nunavut government said in a defence statement filed in December.