Paypal User Agreement Pdf

This use agreement will enter into force on November 11, 2020. Unless you add money to your Venmo account with a direct deposit, any money that will be sent to you on Venmo is an unsecured claim against us and is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). We combine your money with venmo money from other Venmo users and keep it in a deposit account for the benefit of our account holders. With the exception of funds on accounts that have used a direct deposit, we invest the money in liquid investments in accordance with government laws on currency issuers. We hold interest or other income from these investments. However, the claim against us, which is represented by this money, is not guaranteed by these investments and you do not have any ownership shares (legal or advantageous) of these investments. These amounts are separated from our corporate funds and we will not use these amounts for our operating or other business purposes, nor will we voluntarily make them available to our creditors in the event of bankruptcy. Termination of this user agreement, limitation of your Venmo account and/or PayPal and/or suspension of your Venmo and/or PayPal account, including the Venmo Debit card that was terminated immediately and without penalty (if applicable); You can send money to a Venmo user or ask a Venmo user for money with the „Write Payments“ feature in your Venmo account. You can also ask a Venmo user for money by sharing certain purchases. This user must accept any request for a fee before sending you money. If you accept a fee request from another Venmo user, send them money.

Sellers must submit a valid payment method on eBay at all times. You allow eBay to automatically charge for your chosen payment method under this Utilization Agreement and the corresponding billing agreements that you agree to when you set up or change your payment method, for future fees and fees related to the Services. These include its data, which is due for eBay fees, refunds of money and door tags. eBay will inform you of these fees. If, for any reason, payments or amounts due to eBay cannot be paid by the following means of payment, you must nevertheless pay eBay for all unpaid amounts and eBay reserves the right to claim the refund by other means, plus any additional charges incurred by eBay when requesting a refund. You can change your payment method in My eBay at any time. For users with an approved Venmo professional profile, please note that you should not associate a Debit Venmo card with a business profile and that your profile funds cannot be used as a source of financing for Venmo Mastercard transactions. The service is a safe and convenient way to send money, top up the prepaid mobile phone plan or pay bills for family members and others you trust. However, scammers and scammers are plentiful and you should be careful, offers or offers that seem too good to be true. We urge you not to send money or pay for prepaid mobile phone refills or pay a bill for someone you don`t know personally.

Be sure to protect your password, send or not ask for others, and use Xoom only for legal purposes. Click here to learn more about sending the money securely. Please inform us immediately if you think someone is trying to trick you or cheat you, or if your username or password has been lost or stolen. Click here to contact customer service. Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, you collect or pay taxes that may result from your use of our Services. In the event of a dispute between you and eBay, we strongly advise you to contact us directly in the first place in order to find a solution by contacting you in customer service.