Retention Agreement Letter

And as I said before, the first step is to create a great tempting storage bonus agreement that you can keep so you can use it if you need to. Let`s dive straight into how you can create one of these agreements to make sure it does everything you need. The next part of the agreement deals with how the person`s role in the newly created organization changes, the duration of the agreement, and the amount it is paid if it stays long enough. Retention bonus agreements are the legally binding contracts that effectively extend the offer. The letter is just what you use to advertise the plan to those you want to keep. A retention bonus letter is a document used to give a retention bonus to your employees while you go through a merger or acquisition. In short, it offers an incentive in the form of a one-time (or double) payment for your service providers to work in your organization for a period of time after the M&A event. Great collaborators are precious. If you want to encourage an employee to stay with your company, you can use an employee retention agreement. It describes the agreement between the employee and the company that the employee stays in the company for a certain period of time and receives a guaranteed commitment bonus (even though the company could be about to buy or change direction or ownership, which could ultimately result in the employee losing a job). After briefly explaining the details of the retention bonus agreement, it`s time for the simplest part of the whole letter: the signing. As you can see, this goes straight to the point.

You need to make sure you set up your retention bonus agreement (and letter) so that the person knows exactly what you`re talking about above. Then you can sign as with any other letter. After the introduction, you should jump straight into the details of how the retention bonus is going to play out. As you can see clearly, the last part of the bonus withholding agreement is heavily about laws, which means they are best written by a lawyer. We can`t say it enough: work closely with your lawyer to make sure your deal is firm and beneficial for both parties. You did it! At that time, your retention bonus letter is ready to go. We strongly advise you to keep a sample letter like this if you need it. Having the bones of the letter ready to be adapted and shipped can make the process much easier as mergers and acquisitions are one of the most stressful events a HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT can go through. There are many details to deal with! Remember to work closely with your management team, executives and legal advisors to ensure that everything you propose in this letter has been agreed upon before sending it. Here too, it is useful to have this letter only so that you can fill in the details later. In the retention bonus letter, you don`t need to explain all the details. All you have to do is announce the offer.

We advise you to set up a possibility for your employee, then to contact him in case of interest, so that you can send him the complete agreement so that he can pass and sign. Imagine a retention bonus agreement as pretty much the opposite of a termination agreement. While a severance pay involves payment if the employee agrees that they have been terminated fairly, the retention bonus agreement offers them a payment to stay. In this case, the first step towards writing a retention bonus agreement is to actually start writing a document in the form of a letter. This will eventually be sent to your collaborators, which means it`s a good time to complete the document as quickly as possible so you can easily fill in the gaps and ship them without much effort. And as has already been mentioned, one of the first steps is to create a retention bonus letter that will be stored in the file so that you can`t create an ad hoc letter during a merger or acquisition event. . . .