Service Level Agreement Catering Template

All SLAs are created around a standard template consisting of six sections describing in detail the type of services needed, the timeline within which they are likely to be provided, and the consequences of a service provider`s failure to do so. If this main structure remains determined regardless of the nature of the event and the services required, the information it contains differs. 1. The agreement summary describes the two parties entering into a service level agreement (SLA) on the type of service required and the period for which the agreement is valid. For example: „This document represents an SLA between RSVP Agency and Supplier X for the provision of catering for the annual golf day of the brand Y. Service requests – Here is the schedule in which the service provider must respond to requests or incidents related to the service. Service assumptions (i.e. any changes to the necessary services will be effectively communicated to the provider). 2. Objectives & Objectives This section of an SLA states that the objective of the ACO is to ensure that both parties agree on the necessary services and their individual responsibilities.

4. Periodic verification This section lists the agreed dates for verifying the services provided. This can be just before the start of the event and the next day. The burden of carrying out this verification lies with the planner or the company. .