Student Device Loan Agreement Nyc Doe Pdf

You can sign up for your account from any computer or Internet-connected device by following the following steps: All schools that wish to participate in one of New York State`s credit programs are responsible for monitoring this website on program updates and time-critical information; there will be no paper. In order to keep in touch with students and meet academic needs when learning at a distance, the DOE has created student accounts for every student at New York Public School, including 3K and pre-K students. The account allows your students to access Google Classroom, Zoom and Microsoft Office 365 apps through the remote learning portal. Before they can borrow the iPad, the family must enter into the Device Loan student agreement. By accepting the agreement and using the device, families accept that the device is the property of THE NYCDOE and it must be returned if the learning continues on site. On Tuesday, March 17, NYC teachers and administrators began to develop their careers in distance learning. Students have also begun collecting materials for further teaching, including the necessary technology. Further instructions on the next steps will be communicated to families in the coming weeks. Three free funeral and go meals are available to students and families who need them until further notice at the entrance of selected school buildings from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The New York State Education Act requires parents to apply for loans for textbooks, educational materials and equipment to the public school district where the student resides or is located in private schools.

The DOE instructs non-public school administrators to collect these requests from parents and store them at school. These registers are regularly checked by government and local authorities. By filling out the DOE form, your NYC student can get an internet-enabled iPad to help him learn online. Distributed iPads DOE: Your iPad is connected to the Internet – you don`t need a Wi-Fi connection or a hotspot device. The Internet connection is provided by T-Mobile, free for you. Apps are pre-installed. Once you`ve received your iPad, you can visit websites and do classes immediately. Participation in one of the four loan programs requires that non-public schools, including daycare centres, which run a nursery program, submit an application for a loan and a registration certificate (LREC) to the DOE each year. Non-public principals use the CSR to report registration data for the current school year that meets the needs of their school. Funding for loan programs depends on the actual number of K-12 students who legally reside in New York City and/or attend your school. Regional enrichment centres will also be available for first aid children, medical staff, transit workers and the city`s most vulnerable student populations – more details will follow. Parents can obtain specific resources for preschoolers up to Grade 12, including students with disabilities, via the DOE WEB website.

Be looking for more information in the coming days of the DOE. Students can add their ClassDojo portfolio by logging into their classDojo account on an iOS/Android device or on a Chromebook, laptop or desktop computer. Students can log into their ClassDojo account in and choose the teacher`s choice of entry option for the class. Once students are in their student account, they can upload photos, videos, drawings or newspaper articles.