Student Financial Responsibility Agreement Northeastern

Students have the opportunity to complete the SFRA before enrolling. We recommend that students conclude the agreement in advance. If they have not yet done so, students are invited to enter into the agreement during check-in. Students must complete the SFRA in order to continue to register. In the event of a student default, the student may be removed from the university and is responsible for the ongoing investigation, as well as all reasonable collection and legal fees incurred by the university during the collection process. Monthly interest charges may be incurred for accounts. Transcripts and other scientific documents are not disclosed until all financial obligations to the university have been met. As a student at Northeastern, we must be able to contact you about your academic and financial obligations and requirements. The SFRA applies to any contact made about your financial obligations to the university. Once you are alumni, you can opt out of the subsequent communication by directly addressing the relevant services.

The bachelor`s program is calculated lump sum per semester, which includes the cost of each student`s normal study stays for that semester. These forms are documents that may be required to complete your application or update your student account. If you haven`t submitted all the documents we need, you can download them below and send them to our office. Please note that you may not need to submit any of these documents. This list is designed as a library of forms that may be required during the financial assistance and account resolution process. You do not need to fill out a form unless you have been asked to do so. Subsidized students may be subject to compensation not covered by the university and/or external sources of assistance. For example, students can only be sponsored for tuition and fees and have housing and NUSHP fees for which they are responsible.

Student accounts also reflect items such as fines for library books, lost computer fees, etc. In these cases, students are financially responsible for these additional costs and must therefore accept SFRA. If an account balance results from a change in circumstances in a funding source, students are responsible for the amount owed. As required by federal law, all students enrolling in classes at Northeastern University must enter and accept the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA). This agreement must be concluded once a year of study and is located on the student`s myNortheastern portal. If the SFRA is not completed, the result is a blockage that prevents registration. The answers are sent to the student`s husky email address. If there is a billing deviation, you pay the undisputed portion of the bill to avoid liability for late charges or payment of financial stops.

Full-day students who have registered to participate in the co-operation and participate in a class are charged the hourly price per hour of credit for the course. The flat rate is applied to students enrolled in 12 or more credits. Transcripts and other scientific documents are not disclosed until all financial obligations to the university have been met. All rates are subject to review at the discretion of the Northeastern University Board of Directors. All students must enter into a Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA) through Infobear every semester before enrolling in teaching. This agreement describes a student`s financial commitment. Our goal is to help our students understand the cost of their training and the financial policies associated with enrolling at Bridgewater State University. The process of concluding the agreement is designed for only a few minutes, but it is essential for the student to understand his commitment and our guidelines.