The Seville Agreement

Promote through project delegations bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements between participating and operating national societies 5.5.1 If, following a change in situation, responsibility for the management and coordination of an international assistance operation is delegated by the ICRC or the Federation in accordance with the relevant articles of this Agreement, the established governing agency shall, in agreement with the active national company and in Absprac, take responsibility for the management and coordination of an international assistance operation. with the participating national societies, all appropriate measures to ensure an efficient and harmonious transfer of the management and implementation of the new international assistance operation by the component assuming the function of the lead agency. 5.2. During the transition from a crisis situation through recreation and rehabilitation to a normal situation, coordination mechanisms and agreements established between the components involved in the operation are generally maintained. The agreement is about active cooperation and not just about the division of labour between the components of the movement. It is about cooperatively using their different but complementary legal roles and capacities to achieve common goals. The agreement should not be seen as a mere division of labour. It was a big change towards more integrated and structured cooperation. It took a radical change in both attitudes and practices. 1.15. The organisation of international peacetime relief operations shall be guided by the Seville Agreement and the principles and rules governing disaster relief of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

In situations where the Seville Agreement provides for the Federation to play the lead role, the Federation is encouraged to conclude agreements with the Host National Society of the Most Disaster-Prone Countries (either through a pre-disaster agreement or an ad hoc agreement) and on the basis of capacities and contingency maps/plans assessed or announced prior to the disaster, and To define responsibilities. may include national societies from other countries and the ICRC. This showed that the Seville Agreement was flexible. A single agency approach would have ignored the realities. In close collaboration with the Russian Red Cross, both the Federation and the ICRC have remained active in the country since the signing of the agreement. Agreement on American bases – Franco`s sympathy for the Axis powers during World War II earned the regime the hostility of Western democracies, especially the United States, which showed its discontent in 1945 by inserting their outgoing ambassador. . Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture The Seville Agreement, adopted by the Council of Delegates in 1997, was heralded as a revolution in the way the Red Cross and Red Crescent would collaborate in international emergency operations. The preamble spoke of a „profound change of attitude“ and „the adoption of a collaborative spirit“, a clear recognition that the 1989 agreement between the Federation and the ICRC had not worked well.

5.7.2 Where appropriate, they may decide, by mutual agreement, to implement interim measures which shall in no way be regarded as precedents concerning the respective mandates of the components of the movement or the organisation of the tasks provided for in this Agreement. . . .